ILIRIA Magazine Cover 2014

I recently had the opportunity to be featured on the cover of Iliria, an Albanian, Christian Magazine. I want to thank Migena Ramaj, the editor and writer of the article featuring my story. It was a real honour to share what God has done in my life and how He has provided for my family and transformed our lives. The coolest part about this is that Migena and I have never met in person, and yet God allowed for our paths to intersect through ... you guessed it.... Facebook! 

I have always believed that someone's character will be revealed even in the smallest of ways; i.e. social media. As a result I've always had a passion for using facebook, twitter, instagram, (anything that reaches people) to be a positive influence and a voice of encouragement. I believe that God has called us to shine His light in any way we can; any place we walk into, whomever we come into contact with, the school we attend, our workplace, and even our FACEBOOK STATUSES! I believe that as ambassadors of the Lord - we should never hit an OFF switch. As leaders and people of influence we should remain consistent in our attitude, behaviour and lifestyle: a true Christ-like character should always reflect Christ.

I am not saying that we are not allowed to have ups and downs and days that are challenging, but our maturity and discipline should be rooted in the Word and always shine above our feelings and or circumstances. Having said that, I know and believe in a God who rewards those who first seek Him, and seek Him in spirit and truth. And that is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about giving my best, so that I can be the best version of Melina: the version whom He has called me to be. God has created each of us with a very specific plan and purpose that can be fulfilled so beautifully once you respond and say YES to His will over your life.

The opportunity to share my story and be featured on Iliria Magazine has reminded me that God is continually looking for people to be TUNED IN, and plugged into HIS plan for their life. The more I learn and grow, I am encouraged that life may not get easier once we live for God, but it sure gets sweeter and so much more fulfilling. I pray for many to be encouraged that God can take even the most depressing, difficult, dysfunctional of situations and use it for good - so long as we are willing to LET GO and TRUST HIM. 


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