"This young lady is 'Deliciously Delightful'. She is just so sweet. Very much enjoy worshipping and watching her lead worship." Joanne Goodwin, Speaker/Evangelist.  

"She is a vibrant outgoing 29 year old... a Christian musician in Canada. Back in her home country of Albania, Melina Dulluku was one half of the famed duet, the Dulluku Sisters." Rebecca Wittey,
Testimony Magazine 2012.

"Melina is a vibrant and passionate worship leader who has a unique and powerful ability of bridging the gap of music genres, for all generations. The beauty of her worship leading on the platform is a true reflection of the fact that she leads a life of worship off stage too," Angela Brinson, Children's Pastor, Bethesda Church, Newfoundland.

"When I listen to Melina Dulluku, I hear HUGE potential. I can't wait to see what she will do next!," Brock Tozer, 99.1FM, Music & Program Director.

"Melina draws audiences of every age into genuine, passionate worship. She has an incredible ability to connect with people on and off stage!," Kathy Maietta, Eastern Ontario District Children's Ministry Director.

"Melina is a passionate worship leader who is exceptionally gifted. She has the ability to lead every age group with excellence! I would highly recommend her," Jeff Hillier, Lead Pastor at Community Pentecostal Church.

 "It is obvious that Melina loves what she does and that God has gifted her." 
Saundra Sommerville, Director of Children's Ministries at Portico Community Church.

The Story

Melina Dulluku was born in a tiny country in Europe called, Albania. Having discovered a passion for music at a young age, Melina was fortunate to have started a music career at the age of 9. Along with her younger sister, Anita, she travelled around Europe singing and performing as a child celebrity. In the year of 1999 the Dulluku Sisters became the first place winners of one of the greatest music contests in Albania, 'The Golden Key' (Celesi I Art). This was the equivalent of 'American Idol'. With the success of 'The Golden Key,'  Melina quickly became a local name and would often be stopped in the streets of Albania because people would recognize her. Soon after, Melina was able to land a lead role in a movie called, 'The White Sales' (Velat E Bardha), and she even got to shoot some of the movie in Italy. 

Excited to be living her dream, in the year of 2000 Melina could not have expected what was coming next. Melina's parents made the life changing decision to move to Canada, believing that they could provide a better life full of education, opportunities, and safety for Melina and her sisters. Shortly after her move to Toronto, Canada, Melina went through a very tough time emotionally, struggling with loneliness, abandonment, fear of the unknown, and most of all she felt the emptiness of loosing all of her close family and relatives. On top of feeling lost and out of place, it quickly became apparent that  she had also lost one of the most exciting things in her life; her music career. It was during that tough adjustment time that Melina can vividly remember going through a phase of depression. It was at this time that Melina and her family were grateful to have met another family from Albania who were going through a similar transition and they were able to ease the Dullukus into the big adjustment. 

In the fall of that same year, during Halloween, Melina had decided to join some friends and go 'trick or treating'. After a few rounds of trick or treating around the block, her friends suggested that they make a final stop at the church (Highway Gospel) just up the street. Her friends explained that the church would always host Fall Fun Night which included lots of candy and games. Exited and curious, Melina tagged along and went in and raided all of the games and possible prizes. On their way out the children's Pastor at the time (Laura Bogner) made sure that she introduced herself and invited them back to check out their mid-week children's program. Being reassured that there would be more games and prizes, Melina gave it a chance and started coming out to the church regularly. Little did she know that this was the start of something life-changing. Today Melina is so grateful to her parents (Halim & Raimonda Dulluku) for having sacrificed their own comfort in order to bring the family to a place filled with limitless opportunities. She totally loves Canada.

Melina Dulluku is currently on staff as 
the Worship Arts Director at
Whitby Christian Assembly. Since the day that Melina gave her heart to the Lord, God has opened doors to unimaginable opportunities. Not only did He restore her passion for music, but He magnified and re-directed her focus. To date Melina Dulluku has had countless opportunities to travel, leading worship and speaking all over Canada, some of which include Nunavut, and Newfoundland.

She is thankful to have been introduced to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. God took her life and completely renewed it. Melina loves where He has brought her, and cannot wait to see where this journey will turn next? Melina explains,"I have come to realize that music is a talent and passion that God has blessed me with, and I strongly believe that it is both logical and biblical that I use it to serve Him. I believe that combining the power of music with the spirit of God can make for a life-altering experience. That is what I desire and want to offer to our world."

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